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Patch Fitting for Glass Doors & Walls in Hyderabad

Patch Fittings are that important part of a glass structure which support as well as lend a neat flexibility to the glass assembly. It is used to fix a glass door or a glass sheet in various ways (depends on the application) and thus they are of various kinds. The material used to manufacture the patch fittings is mostly Stainless Steel, which is treated to withstand the required environmental assaults. Thus, the Glass door fitting or Glass patch fitting does not corrode or blacken with time in the long run and keeps looking new throughout its service life. At the same time, the Patch fittings are designed in such a manner that they furnish an elegant look and high utility quotient too.

Why Patch Fitting?

Minerva Glass Solutions offer different varieties of glass fittings in order to meet the strength and look requirements. They are inspired by the exclusive harmony of the traditionalism and thus offers loads of versatility. You can choose your preferences amongst varied products according to your tastes and fitting requirements. It is our endeavor to delight you in every way. We strive to get more and more products which are the best functionally and yet they provide a sense of style and make a statement on their own.

Basically, Glass patch fittings provide a means to connect the toughened glass sheets in order to render it useful along with the flexibility to use it the way one desires. The fittings come in a variety of shapes and sizes in order to meet the varied requirements of the fitted glass. Moreover, the glass specifications and the handling flexibility (Opening, closing horizontal, vertical and so on) more or less decide the fitting that will go in. Glass door fittings are an essential part of the newer, modern day architecture. Glass has been one of the most charming elements in the architectural sector. Glass is that magical element which has the qualities to secure as well as showcase space in an intriguing manner. With the recent advances in the glass manufacturing field, glass is being used for various purposes and applications. This is why, Minerva’s experience and in-depth knowledge of the different features of this building material, has made it possible to create elegant structure led to the through adept design in glass fittings, making the living easy as well as pleasurable.

Our toughened glass services are highly appreciated by many of our customers.

Our Features

  • Patch Fittings is manufactured to exacting tolerances with varied shapes and sizes as per the requirements
  • The Glass door fittings and the Glass patch fittings use a high-quality stainless steel
  • As mentioned above, these are customized to the demand of the application, thus they come in various types, shapes and sizes.
  • One can choose the finish of the Patch fittings to suit the overall look of the glass structure along with the finish.
  • We have an extensive range of partitions available with us which are durable and user-friendly
  • The Glass door fittings and Glass patch fittings consists of good quality stain less steel which is treated for corrosion. Thus, the fittings neither get tarnished nor get corroded.

This is an example of the typical specifications of a patch or glass door fitting

  • Type: D Shape
  • Finish: Stain or Mirror
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 50*40*27mm
  • Glass Thickness: 8-12mm
  • Surface Finish: Stain and Mirror


  • The Glass door fittings and Glass patch fittings come in stain or Mirror finishes.
  • The patch or glass door fittings are one of the most versatile products and can be customised to the given specifications.


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