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Laminated Glass Canopy Distributors in Hyderabad

People in today’s age are experimenting with the looks of their houses and commercial spaces more than ever. In this regard, laminated glass canopy is one of the latest and elegant as well as cost-effective solutions to enter the market place. With easy installation procedures and the favourable features it wins the place of most-in-demand product to be used for various applications in present day buildings and spaces.

Why Laminated Glass Canopy?

The best part about the laminated Glass Canopy being variedly used for different applications and becoming popular instantly are its favorable features. One of the most-loved feature is its fail-safe characteristic. In case of mechanical accidents, fire or environmental turbulences, other types of glasses can cause a big mess apart from the possibility of fatal injuries. However, this is not the case with this type of glass canopy. Laminated glass canopy will crumple within the PVC frames in which it is held. It will not fall to pieces in any case. Thus, it is considered as extremely safe and is very much popular as overhead glazing. Another loved feature of the Laminated glass canopy is its cool look. Despite providing a compact shelter it does not prevent the light from streaming in. This is the reason why it lends a fresh and clean look to the spaces that it shelters.

One of the reasons why laminated glass is a preferred form of partition in the high-risk high- security areas is its capability to resist various attacks. For example, if a public shopping places or high-end jewellery mall is under attack, there is a possibility of bullets being fired. In such circumstances, Laminated glass comes to the rescue. It withstands the attack without giving way and falling apart. Thus, it performs the function of a security cover in situations where the need arises. At the same time, Laminated glass canopy can assist us in making an area sound-proof without losing out on the transparency property.

You can have cool interiors with sound-proof conference rooms in open areas as it suits your preferences. It protects from the harsh heat and light from the overhead sun as Laminated glass canopy can block such rays from entering the area. Along with a good usable period, the glass canopy continues to serve you with all its strength and vigor. You will see it as new every time you happen to set an eye on the beautiful and elegant glass structures made up of laminated glass.

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Our Features

  • Laminated glass is manufactured through a sandwiching technology where PVB sheet is held between the two panes of glass. Then they are reinforced through the use of pressure rollers and then sent to an autoclave for a prescribed amount of time. This procedure enables the three sheets to be sealed together physically as well as chemically. Thus, this process bestows the most-favored property to this Glass Canopy and that is no shattering or splintering on breakage.
  • Laminated glass provides good security. It is popularly used as laminated partitions or Glass canopy in areas that require high security, such as banks, high-end shops and. The thick layers of glass and interlayer help to bear bullets or even bombs
  • Laminated glass remains intact when hit or broken due to any reason thus it’s use is sage where the population density is high. Thus, there is a guarantee that there would not be any injury when used as overhead glazing.
  • The PVB interlayer material has viscoelastic property which in turn helps in the reduction of sound thus offering acoustic insulation
  • Laminated glass reduces transmission of UV rays( sun rays) and thus protects the furniture from losing its newness or polish
  • It is long lasting and looks new throughout its life
  • The installation of laminated glass is easy safe and fast

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