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Glass Bathroom Partitions and Shower Enclosures Suppliers in Hyderabad

Nowadays, the focus of modern amenities is not only on the functionality but the current housing schemes also concentrate on adding to the user-friendliness, luxurious looks and a style or character to a structure. If we think about the modern-day bathrooms, they have come a long way from the earlier versions. Space has come to be an important feature of the current housing plans and demands a good consideration of the constraints that have seeped in our designs and therefore the lifestyles. Thus, people now need modern amenities which are at par with the world along with lower maintenance as well as perfect user-friendliness. This is exactly why bathroom partitions have become an indispensable part of the present-day houses. With time, man has certainly found new ways to accommodate luxury and style in addition to user-friendliness along with functionality.

Bathroom Partition Designs

Bathroom Partitions are welcome change to the bathroom design techniques. Although it has been a part of housing for long time now, it has come to its coveted place in the recent times. The advances in the glass-manufacturing technologies is responsible for the comprehensive liberties that we take for granted in the present age. The glass bestows a luxurious look along with giving a spacious feel to a small shower space. At the same time, it is safe, easy-to-use and maintain and to top it all, it is durable and long lasting. Please refer to the key features following for exact specifications of the glass shower partitions.

Bathroom shower partition or Shower Enclosures, also known as shower cubicles are an important component of a perfect bathroom. Women love to soak in a warm bath after a long day, men like to have a long and strong shower. While shower space enables one to quickly take a bath in the morning rush hours it also allows for a good private time with water at the end of a stressful day. Thus, a shower partition or an enclosure or a Hall sliding partition is a complete must for the practical and fast generation out there, looking to make their mark in varied fields. Great aesthetics go with it without saying. Make for an ideal showering experience with a huge variety of sizes and styles available.

Our extensive range includes single panel, folding double panel and full-width sliding screens, opening out left or right as required. The shower area should feel anything but enclosed, so the addition of frameless glass can give your bathroom a spacious, open-plan feel. We are one of the best Toughened Glass Suppliers in Hyderabad.

Our Features

Our Bathroom partition has the following features

  • Shower enclosure is manufactured to exacting tolerances
  • The bathroom shower partition uses a high-quality safety glass
  • The thickness of the Bathroom glass partition is 8mm/10
  • The shower partition consists of good quality fittings which are treated for corrosion. Thus, the fittings neither get tarnished nor get corroded.
  • The bathroom partition can be of different types namely Bathroom Openable Partition, Frameless Sliding Partition and Shower Sliding Partition.
  • The structure is made stable with the help of multiple screws.
  • We have an extensive range of partitions available with us which are durable and user-friendly
  • The simplest one includes a single panel which can be used to segregate the bathroom space for a generous shower
  • A folding double panel as a bathroom partition lends better flexibility as well as privacy. It is also strong, stable and perfectly safe
  • Full width sliding Bathroom partitions grant a glamour and style to the space, along with segregation of the space
  • The frameless glass is used to give a spacious and open feel to the bathroom.

Bathroom Shower Partitions

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