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Aluminum Sliding Wardrobe Doors for Home in Hyderabad

Never stop purchasing, because of less space. Increase the storage space with sliding wardrobes. Sliding wardrobes are the best option when the space is a constraint. The highlighting quality of these wardrobes are they take less space outside and renders more space inside. Space is always a problem in today modern houses and this has resulted in rising demand of sliding wardrobes. Sliding wardrobes have taken the place of conventional wardrobes, because of its wide range of functionalities and elegant look, it provides to users’ house. With these wardrobes, users can do a lot even in a limited space. This product will not only keep your stuff uncluttered but also cater a smarter way to manage. Aluminum sliding wardrobes are extensively preferred in hotels, villas, and residential places for securing valuables and adding beauty to the room. Sliding wardrobes have made its place in current marketplace, as it offers multiple functionalities which were absent in conventional wardrobes. If you are looking for wardrobes don’t go with traditional one, upgrade your home with aluminum sliding wardrobes. Aluminum is a strong metal and is durable, stylish and light weight, and is the most recommendable metal for wardrobes.

Why Aluminum Sliding Wardrobes?

Aluminum wardrobes are

  • Highly stable, hence will last long
  • Easy to maintain
  • Flexible
  • Light weight

Opening and closing of sliding wardrobes doesn’t require any space and never block the walking path. A buyer can also purchase mirror fitted wardrobes and can use that wardrobe as a dressing table. You can purchase a full-length aluminum sliding wardrobes which can act as an accessory for giving head-to-toe view of yourself.   Minerva provides aluminum sliding wardrobes which are in huge demand because of their effective usage of space in an attractive manner. Our wardrobes are a perfect example of excellent fabrication, which is loved by most of our customers.

While planning a sliding wardrobe, customers look for material durability, as the sliding doors will be opened and closed ample number of times. Also the buyers look for quality, as thin and low quality doors may create problems in future.

If you want a wardrobe with long-life and better quality, then go with aluminum, as it is more long-lasting as compared to other metals. Also at Minerva we ensure that the sliding doors of the wardrobes are installed correctly, so that they will remain on track every time. Give a beautiful touch to your home and make it a wow factor for others with our aluminum sliding wardrobes.

Our Toughened Glass Services offered wardrobe is highly cherished among clients of various residential places.

Our Features

  • Robust aluminum components
  • Sliding wheels are designed for catering smooth operation
  • We can customize aluminum sliding wardrobes as per clients’ requirements
  • We can provide two, three or even four doors configuration.
  • Height adjustable rollers.
  • Ample choice of colors, hence a buyer can pick the wardrobe as per his room furnishings.
  • Aluminum sliding wardrobes can be fitted with mirror for increasing its functionality and for adding more beauty in your room.
  • Aluminum framed wardrobes are available with or without mid rails.
  • Aluminum frames are available with anodized finish.

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